Networking Infrastructure & Connectivity Solutions

Reliable wireless connectivity, fibre & network infrastructure solutions for businesses across South Africa.

Customer-first networkingand connectivity solutions

Our tailored, proactive customer service empowers us to fulfil client expectations in the short term and build long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationships.

Whether you’re seeking custom network infrastructure, fast and reliable Wi-Fi, GSM solutions, networking hardware, or hands-on server management, our specialists can help you find the best solution to address your needs.

15+ Years of experience

Over a decade of delivering high-quality, dependable business networking systems with customised Network Infrastructure, Wi-Fi Solutions as well as Server design and installation.

High-quality, tailored service

Our personalised service guarantees that your networking and connectivity solutions are designed with your unique requirements in mind. We collaborate closely with each client to implement a fast & dependable solution.

Registered & Certified

With ICASA licensing and Cisco-certified installers, we provide industry-leading expertise, networking and connectivity systems that adhere to the highest standards and rely on the latest technology.

Quality services and products

We design our network solutions and servers to meet the highest quality standards. By partnering with leading industry suppliers, we deliver premium cutting-edge solutions that effectively address your business's unique requirements.

Explore our network infrastructure& connectivity solutions

Create the ideal interconnected environment that helps your business succeed in your fast-paced industry.

Our networking and connectivity solutions include GSM boosters that eliminate dead zones, Wi-Fi solutions for high-speed connectivity and servers for storing and managing data. Data lines and packages are also provided through our network provider, T-Connect.

GSM Booster

A GSM booster provides reliable cellular connectivity, amplifying weak signals and extending coverage. This results in the elimination of dropped calls and crystal-clear voice quality.

Improved signal strength also leads to faster uploads, downloads, and text messages, ensuring a more reliable and consistently connected workforce.

Wi-Fi Solutions

We specialise in providing stable, high-speed Wi-Fi systems designed to meet your business needs.

Our wireless networks offer exceptional coverage and centralised cloud management, with robust security features tailored for businesses. They are also designed to manage the number of users and devices in your network.


Our custom-built servers power companies across many industries offering scalability, efficiency, and business continuity capabilities.

Each of our server solutions is designed according to a client’s requirements and unique specifications from network security to data flows, cloud services, and software.

Let us help you find the right servers to match your business needs.


Outdated communication systems hinder efficiency and growth, resulting in high costs.

T-Connect specialises in fast, reliable voice and internet solutions that drive online operations and communications.

Through T-Connect, Thusano Group can provide you with tailored internet network connectivity, VBX, and data packages to match your unique needs.

Transform your business’s online activities and communication with T-Connect.

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Benefits of our networkingand connectivity solutions

With reliable and innovative network infrastructure and connectivity in place, your business has the power to drive its internal and external operations.

Our network and connectivity solutions ensure your business remains connected and secure, with scalable infrastructure that can adapt to meet the dynamic needs of your organisation.

Top-quality components selected for their performance and reliability
Experience top-tier performance and reliability with our Network Infrastructure, Server, and Internet Solutions. Our products are designed to optimise your business’s connectivity to ensure a consistent experience.
Experience superior Wi-Fi coverage with our customised connectivity solutions. Utilising cutting-edge technology, we deliver stable, high-speed connections that enhance collaboration, improve productivity, ensure secure data storage and more.

Streamline your network management with our centralised control solutions. Effortlessly manage multiple access points, monitor network performance, and maintain security across your entire networking infrastructure. Simplify complex tasks, reduce downtime, and ensure your business stays connected whilst operating optimally at all times.

Customised solutions to meet your business’s unique needs
Experience tailor-made networking solutions crafted to suit your specific requirements. Our experts work closely with you to design and implement infrastructure, connectivity, and server systems that integrate seamlessly with your unique needs and current business systems, driving efficiency, productivity, and overall success.
Eliminate dead zones with our advanced connectivity tools including the GSM Booster. Experience consistent connectivity across your workspace, boosting productivity and collaboration, while enjoying seamless communication everywhere.
Our flexible financing options provide cost-effective solutions that make investing in network infrastructure more accessible for your business. Choose from a range of tailored solutions designed to suit your budget and cash flow requirements. Benefit from state-of-the-art connectivity without compromising your financial stability or growth.

The partners that help us providetailored & reliable business solutions

We’ve joined forces with premier manufacturers to supply your business with exceptional networking infrastructure, connectivity, and server solutions.

Our partners are renowned manufacturers that align with our dedication to quality, dependability, and innovation. Together, we’re able to provide exceptional infrastructure connectivity and server solutions. Contact us to find the right solution for your business. 

Financing options for network infrastructure and connectivity solutions

We understand that investing in networking infrastructure and connectivity solutions can be a significant expense.

Our finance offerings are designed to suit your unique financial needs and can include fixed rental terms or other financing options.

Learn about ouraccreditations, licenses and certifications

Choosing a qualified, licensed provider is crucial for network infrastructure, connectivity, and server solutions.

Thusano and its partners accreditations and certifications reflect our commitment to professionalism, expertise, and compliance, ensuring your business enjoys seamless connectivity and reliable performance.


This license, issued by the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (ICASA), allows providers to legally supply telecommunications and network services, ensuring compliance with national regulations.

Cisco Certification

Cisco certifications validate expertise in designing, implementing, and managing secure and efficient network infrastructure, demonstrating our commitment to industry best practices.

Frequently asked questionsabout connectivity and network infrastructure solutions

What is a GSM network?

The Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) network is the standard system used by most mobile phone networks around the world and connects its users via Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) card. The primary purpose of the GSM network is to facilitate access to cellular and satellite platforms.

A wireless network enables multiple devices to connect and communicate with each other without physical wires or cables, by making use of radio waves. Network traffic can be managed by access points or other networking tools.

Wi-Fi (Wireless Fidelity) is a specific type of wireless network that uses a set of standards developed by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) to enable high-speed wireless connectivity between devices, typically within a specific range.

Network infrastructure refers to the hardware and software components that make up a network, including routers, switches, data lines, access points, servers and more. A well-designed network can help businesses improve connectivity, security, and data management.

A server is a computer or system that manages requests made over a network and provides software infrastructure for applications and services. It allows other devices connected to the same network to have access to other resources, such as files, applications, or databases.

An on-premise server solution is installed and maintained on-site, within a company’s own physical infrastructure. A cloud-based server solution, on the other hand, is hosted and maintained by a third-party provider and accessed via the internet. Contact us to find out the server solution that is best for your business.

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Ready to boost your business’s network infrastructure, connectivity, and server systems?

Thusano provides state-of-the-art solutions like network infrastructure design, server management, Wi-Fi optimisation, and more.

Let’s enhance your business with our cutting-edge networking solutions! Contact us today. 

Absolutely Amazing!! We at Kearns Orthopaedics would like to extend our utmost gratitude to Kyle and Olwethu from Thusano group for sorting out our telecoms at the office, getting our numbers from our previous provider and for being extra attentive towards the fantastic installation from the technical team. We appreciate the effort and enjoyed the company of the sales manager who stuck around to ensure everything went perfectly.
Kearns Orthopaedics
We at Weltevreden Park Primary have been clients of Thusano for over 6 years. We always have excellent service from them, quick response and friendly service. Jaco du Bruyn there rep is a very professional person, with a huge sense of humour. We enjoy his regular visits at our school, when he comes to check in if everything is still ok. I can highly recommend Thusono group as the go to group for telecommunication.
Weltevreden Park Primary School
Thusano has provided us with a comprehensive solution to all our communication needs. A big thank you to Alex and Jonty for their patience in explaining all the finer details, for being attentive to our needs, for excellent and friendly back service and for making this move to Thusano as smooth as possible. We look forward to a long and prosperous business relationship with Thusano.
Dalpark Private School
The service we have received from Thusano Group GNP has been nothing short of exceptional. Whenever we have questions or require assistance the reps ALWAYS take my call and have the issue resolved within minutes. Our inverter has been revolutionary as we are now no longer affected by load shedding. 5 stars for 10/10 service!
Mike D
Matthew and Nick @ Thusano Group go above and beyond for their clients. They are kind and very hands-on, very professional, and they don't waste time. They are punctual and if they say an issue will be sorted out, they don't stop until it has been fixed. We had a lot of issues with our previous service providers and Thusano not only fixed the issues but made it seem effortless. The transition from Oxbow to Thusano was bumpy but all from Oxbow side alone. Thusano is absolutely amazing, from the staff to the products. I currently recommend them to anyone and everyone.
Rainbow Polyurethane
Paynville logo
Since moving all our Contracts to Thusano Group our lives have been easy .They Supply our school with Printers, CCTV , Telephone system and WIFI . Thanks to Sales Rep Grant Who has been nothing short of perfect . always available to assist and Technical team always ready to assist and FIX our Faults . I highly recommend Thusano Group and Grant for all their Services
Payneville Elementary School

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