Solar power systems for homes & businesses
in South Africa

Avoid load shedding and reduce electricity costs with reliable solar power solutions.

Trusted solar energy solutions for homesand businesses in South Africa

We provide backup energy solutions, including customised solar backup power systems, for homes and businesses throughout South Africa. We are proud of our industry-leading reputation for excellent customer service. Our transparent approach provides our customers with direct access to representatives and management ensuring the highest level of service.

Our sales representatives have undergone extensive training with industry-leading solar experts to ensure they have the knowledge and expertise to establish and understand a client’s needs and provide a reliable, tailored solar system. Our representatives and management team will guide you through the entire solar installation process, from your initial application and site survey to approval and installation.

15+ Years of experience

We have a proven track record of providing high-quality, reliable solar power solutions for businesses, including system design, installation and maintenance.

Licensed, certified & accredited

Our solar solutions adhere to the highest industry standards and hold all relevant industry compliance certifications (including PQRS Solar PV EXCEED and SAPVIA PV GreenCard certifications, as well as CoC and SSEG).

Quality components

With help from industry partners, we supply exceptional quality hardware that provides reliability and performance.

Personalised efficient service

We work closely with each client to design a quality, reliable system that meets their energy needs and provides ample backup power.

Explore our solar powersystem components

We work with trusted partners to source, supply and implement top-quality components to match the exact specification of your renewable energy solution.

We only partner with the most reliable brands based on track record, product quality, warranties, and service, which allows us to cater for any and all requirements.

Inverters for solar systems

Explore our range of high-quality inverters and find a model that suits your needs. We only supply industry-leading brands, such as Deye, Sunsynk, Victron, LuxPower and Growatt.

When selecting the right inverter for your solar solution, it’s important to consider aspects such as the size of the system, the type of solar panels being used, efficiency, and more. Our experts can help you find the ideal inverter to meet your exact requirements.

Solar Panels

Explore a selection of solar panels within our tier-1 range to find one that suits your needs in terms of efficiency, durability, reliability and cost.

Thusano only supplies solar panel brands synonymous with quality, including JA Solar, Jinko, Longi, Trina, Astro, BYD, and Canadian Solar. We use our wide range of solar panels and in-depth knowledge to supply the specification that best suits your needs.

Batteries for solar systems

Our range of batteries only includes top-of-the-line lithium-ion batteries which provide excellent performance and reliability. We source and supply best-in-class batteries from industry partners including CTE, Growatt, Shoto, Greendeer, and Hubble.

When implementing battery storage for a solar system, it’s important to take into consideration system size, battery capacity, cycle life, depth of discharge, voltage and more. Our solar specialist can help you find the right battery storage to meet your needs.

How does our solar installation process work?

Our team is trained by industry-leading professionals in solar energy to ensure you receive the best possible service and solution. Our tailored system design allows us to customise a solar solution based on your specific needs, commercial or residential.

1. Initial consultation and assessment

Contact us to schedule a site survey with one of our highly trained solutions specialists who will walk you through the process, establish your requirement, specify a system according to your needs and complete the application for financial approval.

2. System design & installation preparation

Once we have received the finance approval, we will contact you to advise on lead times and book installation. Thereafter, our projects team will make preparations based on the detailed site survey received.

3. Installation and monitoring

Our team of experienced professionals will execute your installation in accordance with the specifications, give training on the inverter applications and provide you with the relevant certifications.

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Benefits of our solar power systemsfor businesses and homes

Using training from solar experts combined with our extensive experience assisting homeowners and businesses with varying energy needs, our team is able to provide a solar energy solution that matches your requirements and offers a number of benefits.

Quality components for performance and reliability

We pride ourselves on using the highest-quality components for our solar power systems. From tier-1 solar panels and inverters to batteries, each component is selected based on its performance, reliability and suitability for your business or home.

Our solar power systems are custom-designed for businesses to ensure an uninterrupted power supply, and prevent operational downtime during a power outage.

The upfront costs of a solar power system can be a barrier to entry. Financing solutions make it easier for business and home owners to invest in solar power. Tax incentives such as tax credits, deductions or accelerated depreciation can also help offset the cost of switching to a sustainable energy solution.

Custom solutions to match your needs

Our solar power systems are fully customizable to meet your business needs. Our expert team will work closely with you to design a system that takes into account your energy consumption, available space, and budget. 

Significantly reduce your business’ electricity consumption and costs, while taking advantage of a reliable sustainable energy solution. Avoid rising electricity prices, stop counting on the national grid and free up funds for other important areas of your business.

Installing a reliable solar backup power system can provide you with a layer of load-shedding protection therefore avoiding damage to appliances and electrical equipment caused by power surges.

The partners that help us providetailored & reliable business solutions

We work with industry-leading partners to provide tailored and reliable solar solutions for businesses. 

Our strategic partnerships allow us to offer the highest quality equipment, including solar panels, batteries, and inverters, to ensure that your home or business is equipped with a reliable, high-performance solar energy solution.

Financing for home andbusiness solar power systems

We understand that the upfront costs of a solar power system can be a challenge for many businesses and homeowners.

We provide flexible finance that match your budget constraints, including fixed rental terms and other payment options. Invest in a reliable, sustainable energy solution today.

Types of solar power systemsfor home and business

Our specialists have a wealth of experience customising solar energy solutions to fit the needs of homes and businesses of all sizes, across all verticals, with varying usage and requirements. We provide various types of solar energy solutions for homes and businesses including off-grid, grid-tied and hybrid solar systems each offering unique benefits.

Thusano also offers a range of backup power solutions, helping individuals and businesses implement a reliable energy source and avoid the disruption of load-shedding.

Grid-tied solar systems  in South Africa

A grid-tied solar system will generate alternative power using solar panels and is tied to the national energy grid. Power generated is prioritised to serve the energy needs of a business or home, and any surplus power can be fed back into the grid using a bidirectional electricity meter.

This allows homes or businesses to reduce electricity costs while primarily relying on energy generation from solar system, supplemented by the grid if required. Traditionally, grid-tied systems require a limited range of hardware and are not connected to battery storage, which can reduce setup and maintenance costs. This solution also offers the opportunity to monetise any additional electricity generated. Without battery backup, a drop in UV radiation can result in diminished energy generation and require the use of grid power.

Hybrid solar systems in South Africa

A hybrid solar system is tied to the national energy grid and on-site battery storage. During the day, solar panels and an inverter work to produce energy that is used by your home or business. Any excess energy generated is stored using high-quality lithium-ion batteries, which act as a backup during power outages outside of solar power generation hours. Once batteries have been charged to full capacity, any surplus energy can be exported to the national grid to reduce electricity costs/gain energy credits.

Hybrid solar energy systems provide greater energy independence and a best-of-both-worlds solution to energy challenges. Contact us to learn about hybrid solar solutions and find a system that meets your home or business energy needs.

Off-grid solar systems  in South Africa

An off-grid solar power system works independently, off the grid. This type of system operates by first generating electricity from the solar panels and then using that energy to charge a solar battery with the help of a charge controller. That electricity is then converted via inverter so that it can power the home or business appliances. An off-grid solar system uses a battery bank, solar charge controller, an off-grid solar inverter, a DC disconnect switch and potentially, an alternative power source, such as a generator.

A few pros of installing an off-grid system are that the client would be able to set himself free from the problem of power outages, load shedding, and reduce electricity bills.

Learn about ouraccreditations, licenses and certifications

We work with our clients to ensure that their solar solution is approved and certified from start to finish.

At the end of the installation process, a customer will receive their Certificate of Compliance and their Eskom Small-Scale Embedded Generation (SSEG) registration, where applicable.

Certificate Of Compliance (COC)

A Certificate of Compliance is a document that verifies that the electrical installation of your backup power system complies with the legislated requirements as detailed in the Occupational Health and Safety Act.

PQRS Solar PV EXCEED certification

Certifies our team's qualifications as skilled solar installers. This certification ensures that our team has the expertise to design, plan, install and sign-off on solar PV installations. With this certification, our clients can be assured that their solar power systems are installed and maintained by highly skilled professionals.

Eskom Small-Scale Embedded Generation (SSEG) registration

Required for any solar energy systems that are connected to the Eskom grid in South Africa. It ensures that the system meets technical and safety standards and complies with all relevant regulations.

SAPVIA PV GreenCard certification

This certification declares our team's compliance with relevant standards and safety guidelines for PV installations. It also demonstrates a commitment to delivering quality and safety in all aspects of our work. By working with us, clients can be assured that their solar power systems are installed and maintained to the highest standards of safety and quality.

Frequently asked questionsabout Solar Power Systems

What is a grid tied solar system?

A grid-tied solar system generates power using solar panels and an inverter, and is tied to the national grid. The power generated by the system serves the energy needs of an individual or business, and any excess energy is fed back into the grid. Contact Thusano to find out more

What is an off-grid solar system?

Off-grid solar systems are installed when client wishes to become completely independent of the Eskom grid. With this solution, you are completely reliant on the energy produced by the solar panels and stored in batteries to power your home or business. Normally, a second backup system (link to page), such as a generator, is also installed alongside the off-grid solar solution to guarantee power if batteries are drained or solar panels are not generating sufficient electricity required to run the premises.

A hybrid solar system generates power using solar panels and an inverter, however it also has on-site battery storage and is tied to the national energy grid. The energy generated is used to serve home and business needs, charge batteries to capacity and can feed surplus power back to Eskom to reduce electricity costs.

The cost of a solar system depends heavily upon a homeowner’s or business’ energy needs. Understanding that the initial cost of solar systems can be high, we know that finding a provider who offers multiple purchase options, such as outright purchase or asset finance for home and business owners, is important.

Non-solar backup power solutions are a viable option for businesses and homeowners looking to implement a reliable energy system that can help them maintain productivity and avoid power failures. We provide 3 types of non solar backup power systems:

  • Inverters with battery storage connected to DB Board
  • Portable inverters 
  • Generators

On 1 March 2023, the Section 12B capital allowance was increased to provide for accelerated depreciation of 125%. For example, a business that invests R150,000 in a solar system can deduct the following:

  • VAT of 15% is reclaimable on the total installation charge, provided the company can present a valid tax invoice issued by the supplier.
  • Income tax saving of 27% for companies.
  • If the R150,000 is VAT exclusive, the income tax savings will be R40,500.

It is possible to sell excess energy back to the electricity grid, however, it is not offered by all municipalities in South Africa. 

The City of Cape Town allows businesses and homeowners to sell energy back to the grid and recoup costs through a reverse feed tariff which credits a specialised bidirectional meter according to the kWh supplied.

The City announced that it will be paying an additional incentive tariff on top of the NERSA-approved feed-in tariff so as to further encourage the supply of electricity back into the grid.

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With our expert advice, system design and quality components, we provide reliable solutions that assists home and business owners to reduce the impact of load-shedding and electricity bill by relying on renewable energy.

Absolutely Amazing!! We at Kearns Orthopaedics would like to extend our utmost gratitude to Kyle and Olwethu from Thusano group for sorting out our telecoms at the office, getting our numbers from our previous provider and for being extra attentive towards the fantastic installation from the technical team. We appreciate the effort and enjoyed the company of the sales manager who stuck around to ensure everything went perfectly.
Kearns Orthopaedics
We at Weltevreden Park Primary have been clients of Thusano for over 6 years. We always have excellent service from them, quick response and friendly service. Jaco du Bruyn there rep is a very professional person, with a huge sense of humour. We enjoy his regular visits at our school, when he comes to check in if everything is still ok. I can highly recommend Thusono group as the go to group for telecommunication.
Weltevreden Park Primary School
Thusano has provided us with a comprehensive solution to all our communication needs. A big thank you to Alex and Jonty for their patience in explaining all the finer details, for being attentive to our needs, for excellent and friendly back service and for making this move to Thusano as smooth as possible. We look forward to a long and prosperous business relationship with Thusano.
Dalpark Private School
The service we have received from Thusano Group GNP has been nothing short of exceptional. Whenever we have questions or require assistance the reps ALWAYS take my call and have the issue resolved within minutes. Our inverter has been revolutionary as we are now no longer affected by load shedding. 5 stars for 10/10 service!
Mike D
Matthew and Nick @ Thusano Group go above and beyond for their clients. They are kind and very hands-on, very professional, and they don't waste time. They are punctual and if they say an issue will be sorted out, they don't stop until it has been fixed. We had a lot of issues with our previous service providers and Thusano not only fixed the issues but made it seem effortless. The transition from Oxbow to Thusano was bumpy but all from Oxbow side alone. Thusano is absolutely amazing, from the staff to the products. I currently recommend them to anyone and everyone.
Rainbow Polyurethane
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Since moving all our Contracts to Thusano Group our lives have been easy .They Supply our school with Printers, CCTV , Telephone system and WIFI . Thanks to Sales Rep Grant Who has been nothing short of perfect . always available to assist and Technical team always ready to assist and FIX our Faults . I highly recommend Thusano Group and Grant for all their Services
Payneville Elementary School

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